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One of Europe's most popular tourist destinations is the 'flat as a pancake nation.' What do you think of a vacation where you can bike around the cities, indulge in excellent cuisine, meet friendly people, and party till dawn with Europeans and locals? When something is lacking, the Dutch are renowned for producing it. To the Netherlands, the country where all your dreams will come true, pack your bags and hop on the earliest available flight.

The country's history is rich, and learning more about it is intriguing. A portrayal of the complete history of the Netherlands is available in Arnhem at De Canon van Nederland, for example. However, strolling around one of the country's old cities will teach you a great deal about its past.

There are several historic structures to be discovered because of their extensive history. The beautiful landmark Herenhuizen, which comes in various sizes and shapes, may be seen in great quantity in Amsterdam and most Dutch cities.

It's one of those places you must go while you're still young since the city never sleeps and there's always something to do and see there.

From the Anne Frank House to the Nine Streets Shopping District, there is something to suit every preference, from the Rijksmuseum to the Canal Belt. A boat tour of Amsterdam's canals will allow you to see Venice virtually.

Due to its abundance of museums and galleries and events like the C.R.A.F. Festival and the Dekmantal Festival, which take place in this city every year from June to August, this city is also a hotspot for cultural enthusiasts (June).

In addition to breathtaking landscapes and charming windmills, the Netherlands is home to several magnificent beaches that draw millions of tourists annually. What better location to spend the day than on the sand? Strandpaviljoen is the Dutch name for beach pavilions. Spend some time at one of the best beaches in the country, such as Texel, which is ideal for adventurous vacationers who enjoy mud walks, or Egmond am Zee, which is the most popular beach among families and is home to both a small fishing village and a small museum.

The exciting part is finally here! The Netherlands also offers many other delectable delights, like poffertjes, besides all the excellent cheeses. Most eateries and coffee shops provide English menus. Done with dining and forgot your way back to the hotel? Since most Dutch people speak English, interacting with the locals is simple. Whether you need to order something, get directions, or use public transportation.

The more you explore and travel there, the more you realize a trip here is worth every penny.

Brief History of Netherlands

The Netherlands was part of the Roman Empire from 57 BC to 406 AD. The Romans withdrew from the country in the late 4th century AD as the Empire fell. Later, the country was left to the Franks, Saxons, and Frisians. In the 8th century AD, the Franks conquered the others and became lords of the territory. Charlemagne, a member of the Carolingian dynasty, became the king of the Franks in 768 and established a huge empire in Europe. He died in 814, and the country was absorbed into the German Empire. The country suffered Viking raids during the 9th and 10th centuries. However, the way of life and trade flourished. The Dutch towns enjoyed freedom to an extent in the 14th century. In the 15th century, the Dukes of Burgundy began to take control of the region.

The 17th century was a golden age for the Netherlands. In 1602, the Dutch East India Company was formed. During the 17th century, the Netherlands became a wealthy trading nation. The country was occupied by France during the Napoleonic era and later became a constitutional monarchy. The Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II but experienced rapid economic growth and social progress in the post-war era. Today, the Netherlands is known for its progressive social policies and innovative technology and is a leading member of the European Union.

FAQs: Explore Netherlands

Q. What are the top tourist attractions in the Netherlands in 2023?

- Rijksmuseum

- Keukenhof

- Van Gogh Museum

- Anne Frank House

- Rotterdam

- De Hoge Veluwe National Park

- Unesco Werelderfgoed Kinderdijk


Q. What is the best time to visit the Netherlands?

The best time to visit the Netherlands is from June to November when the leaves emerge and there is a festive feel of foods and beverages.

Q. What is the currency used in the Netherlands?

The currency of the Netherlands is the Euro (€ or EUR).

Q. What is the prettiest town in the Netherlands?

The prettiest town in the Netherlands is its capital city, Amsterdam. It is famed for its artistic heritage, gabled facades of its houses, and legacies of its 17th century Golden Era.

Q. How many days do you need to explore the Netherlands?

You need 5 days to explore the Netherlands.

Q. What is the best way to explore the Netherlands?

- Explore the picturesque narrow lanes of the countryside by renting a bike or walking on foot.

- A boat ride can be fascinating to explore the extensive canal system of the country.

- Trams is another great option for cheap intercity travel.

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Helpful tips for Netherlands

  • Advanced bookings for your stay and activities is advised
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