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Located between San Diego to Coronado and stretching over San Diego Bay, Coronado Bridge spans a distance of 2.12 miles. Robert Mosher designed the magnificent bridge who's construction was completed in 1969. Its unusual curved design and tall, slender pillars that rise out of the water have made it an instantly recognizable landmark in the San Diego area.

There are five lanes on the bridge, with the two outermost ones leading directly to Coronado Island. The middle lane is two-way for the convenience of traffic. Magnificent panoramas of San Diego Bay and its environs may be seen from atop the Coronado Bridge. Runners, cyclists, and walkers like this area because they can take in the sights while getting their heart rates up.

To emphasize, the Coronado Bridge was built for vehicles and is not suitable for walking or other forms of pleasure. But, San Diego and Coronado Island offer a wealth of additional sightseeing opportunities and recreational pursuits in the region.

What to do at Coronado Bridge?

  • Take a harbor cruise, which provides a fantastic opportunity to see the bridge, the city and its surrounding surroundings from the sea. There are numerous agencies that offer harbor tours in San Diego.
  • Spend a day discovering Coronado Island by walking its quaint neighborhoods and dining at one of its numerous restaurants for relishing the international cuisines.
  • Renting a bike and pedaling along the island's many beautiful trails can be a leisure activity nobody wants to miss.
  • Stop by the USS Midway Museum in downtown San Diego for an interesting peek into naval aviation. The museum is located on an actual aircraft carrier.
  • Coronado Island has many stunning beaches, perfect for a day of relaxation. Take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery while you relax in the warm sunshine.

FAQs : Explore Coronado Bridge

Q. How tall is the Coronado Bridge in San Diego?

A: The Coronado Bridge has a height of 200 feet at its highest point.

Q. Can you walk across the Coronado Bridge in San Diego?

A: No, pedestrians and bicyclists are not allowed on the Coronado Bridge for safety reasons.

Q. How was the Coronado Bridge in San Diego built?

A: The Coronado Bridge was built in the 1960s and was designed by Robert Mosher. It was constructed using a cantilever design and required the use of 20,000 tons of steel.

Q. What are some popular activities near the Coronado Bridge in San Diego?

A: Some popular activities near the Coronado Bridge include visiting the nearby Coronado Island, exploring the San Diego Bay, and visiting the USS Midway Museum.

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Address of Coronado Bridge

State Route 75 South Embarcadero, San Diego, CA 92101

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