Do you ever see one of those adorable little towns in Hallmark Christmas movies, and wish you could have your own fairytale there? If yes, then visiting Colmar should be on the top of your list whenever you set foot in France. Situated in the Alsace region towards the North-eastern side of France, Colmar is a town that serves as a muse for many. I mean, who wouldn’t be inspired after relishing sights of the sleek yet graceful canals, profound architectural wonders that have been there for centuries, and the gorgeous religious structures that are extremely pleasent to visit.

While there aren’t a lot of historic attractions here as such, Colmar is still flooded with a plethora of scenic sights, making it an ideal spot for a romantic getaway or your ‘Eat Pray Love’ inspired journey.

If you would like to step out of your hotel room or AirBnB and witness artwork all around you, even in simplistic houses owned by the locals here, then Colmar is the destination for you to be. Every square feet of this town is maintained with cleanliness, and there are petit little cafes around every nook and corner, hence gratifying your hunger pangs for the French cuisine as well! If you are visiting Colmar during the Christmas season, then be prepared to get attached to this town for eternity, because the sights here get exponentially better. The streets are fabricated with brightly ornamented decorations, and the local vendors set up stalls to display authentic French food and wine to sell. It doesn’t get more French than this, for sure!

The region where Colmar is located, which is the Alsace region essentially, is globally famous for its white wines as well. There are a number of wine tours you could go on in order to explore each and every raw element of this amazing town.

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  • Colmar's well-developed bus station and service makes it easier to explore.
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