There is no denying that Denmark is exceptionally stylish. It has been consistently rated as one of the happiest countries on the globe and esteemed for its relaxed way of life, liberal social attitudes, and impeccable sense of style in design. The quirky capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, also known to locals as Kbenhavn, is at the center of Danish culture. There are plenty of reasons to visit the Danish capital, including the nordic cuisine, fashion, and design.

All over the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Danish design is at its finest.

Copenhagen offers a variety of attractions for culture vultures, including art, history, royal residences, and more, away from the crowds swarming around the Little Mermaid. The Nationalmuseet is home to a variety of Danish artifacts. You can also visit the Christiansborg and Amalienborg palaces, which are still used by the royal family and parliament, respectively. There are also the Round Tower and City Hall in Rdhuspladsen, which provide spectacular views of the city.

Few cities, least of all the oldest in the world, can claim to have a theme park in the middle of the city. Tivoli is nostalgic and endearing, serving as the model for Florida's Walt Disney World. There are a variety of rides for people of all ages, and its manicured gardens are dotted with cafés, bars, and restaurants. These pleasure gardens offer various entertainment options, including dancing fountains, musical performances, and carnival games if rollercoasters aren't your thing. Make sure to go at night when the park is covered in fairy lights.

Of course, all of this sightseeing calls for food. Many cafés promise delicious coffee and Danish pastries, which the Austrians introduced. Visit Mirabelle or Coffee Collective for a cappuccino and a sweet treat. Due to Copenhagen's renowned Noma restaurant's influence, the city also creates delicious New Nordic cuisine.

A few restaurants that serve exquisitely crafted meals made with premium, seasonal ingredients include Radio, Höst, Bror, and 108.

In stores, cafés, and restaurants all over the city, you'll always find sleek wooden furniture, pendant lights, exposed brickwork, and plenty of succulents. Your Instagram feed has never looked better. Even better, you can bring a piece of Danish design with you by shopping at places like Bolia and Illums Bolighus for chic furniture and Flying Tiger and Superlove for home decor.

In the city's parks, including Kongens Have (King's Garden), Botanisk Have (Botanic Garden), and Rsteds park in the middle of the town, you can join the locals who jog while they walk their dogs and catch up with their friends. This cultural phenomenon permeates Copenhagen's way of life; cafe chairs on the sidewalk have blankets folded over the backs, apartments glow with the ambient light of table lamps, and candles are on every windowsill and dining room table. You won't want to leave Copenhagen, to put it simply.

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